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At Lektron our electricians work on a large number of projects providing a wide array of services to our customers. The work our electricians do can include installation of lighting, fire alarms, network cabling, power, building controls, and renewable energy solutions such as solar panelling. They also carry out test, inspection and maintenance work. Due to the work involved we expect our electricians to be good at practical work, have a technical mindset, be good at problem solving, well organised, understand the importance of safety regulations and enjoy working in a job that has a lot of variety.

We are currently hiring for several positions to help our electrical engineers. From apprentices to fully qualified electricians, if you're considering a career as an electrician then we would be interested in receiving your Curriculum Vitae.

Below you will find a list of vacancies that we currently have available:

If you are interested in any of our vacancies please call us on 01372 824214 or Contact