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Power & Installations

We live a world where the demand on our electrical infrastructure is high. There remain very few industries that aren't reliant on the use of computers and a myriad of electrical devices to keep their business running smoothly. At Lektron we fully understand this, and we know that you need to have the peace of mind that your infrastructure is up to the task of meeting your power requirements efficiently and reliably.

We understand that it can be difficult to keep up with the ongoing changes to our technological infrastructure, and your legal obligations, and when the time comes for expansion it's sometimes easier to just keep on adding to existing installations, often missing the very real issue that an overload could occur, which in turn can lead to systems failing and potential downtime for your business.

At Lektron we provide services throughout Leatherhead and Surrey, that ensures that all of your power and infrastructure requirements are met, and we do this by working closely with you to ensure that the installation we provide you with is tailored to meet your needs, whether the installation is for an entirely new electrical infrastructure, or to safely expand an existing one.

Please be aware that The Electricity At Work Regulations 1989 places legal responsibility on the owner of an electrical installation to prevent electrical accidents. This requires all electrical systems and apparatus which are, or may be, attached to your electrical installation to be maintained in a safe condition so that individual users may be protected from electrical shock or fire hazards.

We can provide you with a full consultancy and design service that will enable us to guide you through any relevant technical and legislative issues, providing you with an electrical system that meets your current needs and prepares you for your future requirements.