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The Importance of Testing and Inspections

The Importance of Testing and Inspections

At Lektron we are proud of the standard of all of the electrical installations that our team of electricians carry out in Leatherhead, Surrey, and the surrounding counties and beyond. Whatever electrical services that we provide, we know that no matter how high the standard that our installations are carried out to, ongoing testing and inspections are a vital part of ensuring that these systems function safely, as intended and reliably. This ensures that your ongoing operations run smoothly, particularly those that are reliant on the reliable operation of your electrical infrastructure. In this article we’ll detail how important testing and inspections are to your organisation.

Your Safety & Electrical Testing

Electric ShockWe are all aware of the dangers of electricity to our health, but few of us realise how severe the risk of things like electrical shock can be. Whilst not guaranteed to be lethal, as those who have been unfortunate to receive a shock in the past will attest to, any current over 10 milliamps is harmful, and at 20 milliamps breathing can be affected. If the current approaches 100 milliamps ventricular fibrillation can occur in the heart, and it is at this stage that the risk of death becomes a possibility. To put this into context; the standard rectangular pin plugs (that conform to BS 1363) which we use every day in the UK can be fused to 13 amps, or 13000 milliamps. Whilst the risk of shock from these power supplies is low to non-existent if proper testing, inspection and maintenance schedules are adhered to, the potential risks if health and safety is ignored can clearly be catastrophic. There are a whole host of other factors that affect the dangers of a live current to our health, and the purpose of this article isn’t to scare you with science, but it is important to be aware that without some level of electrical testing the safety of the people using electrical equipment in your property can be at jeopardy.

What Should Be Tested?

Fuse BoardA simple way to answer what should be tested would be to say every piece of electrical equipment in your property should be tested. It doesn’t matter if the equipment is used frequently or not, some level of testing should be carried out on every piece of electrical equipment at some point or another. We do understand that for some organisations this isn’t necessarily realistic, and more commonly frequently used electrical appliances and components are the ones that are tested on a regular basis. In some sectors there are specific rules which state that specific equipment requires regular scheduled testing and maintenance to be considered safe for continued use. This applies to all relevant equipment no matter the age, but is particularly relevant to older equipment. Whether in an office or a factory, if the equipment you are using contains electrical components; regular testing from a professional electrical contractor, such as us at Lektron, helps to ensure that equipment continues to run safely and as intended. We are happy to assist you with risk assessments in deciding which equipment should be tested and inspected.

The Law

UK LawThe rules and regulations which affect the electrical equipment in your property will differ depending on a number of factors which include the size of your property, the number of personnel, the use of your property and equipment, and the sector in which you operate. Depending on the size and purpose of your business you may have a designated health and safety officer, and if this is the case, then it is usually their responsibility to ensure that certain standards are adhered to, unless the task has been designated to somebody else. The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 contains two terms which put into perspective what is required of organisations in the UK under Schedule 3, part 2:

(c) Persons, domestic animals and property must be adequately protected against non-electrical dangers caused by the electrical equipment which are revealed by experience;
(d) The insulation must be suitable for foreseeable conditions.

Essentially what this means is that if a fault is known to cause a danger due to past experience, it should be addressed as a safety concern. It also implies that the installation should be done to a standard that negates any foreseeable issues. Whilst a reactionary step is simpler to address by responding to a known danger, the second step here is more complicated, and without the right skills and experience it can be difficult to identify potential conditions and dangers. At Lektron our electricians possess this experience, and we are in a great position to be able to offer you assistance with foreseeable issues as part of our testing and inspections.

The Benefits of Regular Testing and Inspection

Electrical ScheduleAside from keeping the people inside your property safe, committing to a regular testing and inspections schedule can prove to be a money saving step for your organisation. Regular testing helps in discovering potential future failures before they happen. This can allow you to plan in time for electrical maintenance of the affected systems at a time that suits you, subsequently limiting the level of interruption to your daily operations, and in some cases eliminating the interruption all together. By being proactive you can better plan the spending of repair to these components, and by limiting the interruption to your daily operations you also limit your potential loss of earnings.

What Our Electricians Can Do For You

CertificationAt Lektron safety is one of our top priorities, which goes hand-in-hand with the high standard of work that we do, and our testing and inspection service compliments this. We can provide our testing and inspection service to all businesses, including those who we have completed new electrical installations for as well as those who have infrastructures that weren’t installed by us, but still require some attention. We can provide you with the relevant certification for your business with our work being carried out to British Standard 2391. We can carry out testing and inspections for Landlords and Local Authorities which is necessary to be able to place properties on the rental market, with each test and inspection being supported by an ECA Certification to BS 7671 legislation. Our services aren’t exclusive to commercial properties, and we can offer them to domestic premises as well. Rest assured that we will work with you to carry out testing and inspections at a time that doesn’t inconvenience you, or the running of your business.

If you want to find out more about our testing and inspection services, or for information about any of the other electrical services that we offer at Lektron, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a friendly member of the team who will be more than happy to help. You can contact us by filling out our online contact form or by calling us on 01372 824214.