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Emergency Lighting & Fire Alarm Installation, Testing & Maintenance

Emergency Lighting & Fire Alarm Installation, Testing & Maintenance

Fire alarms are not just vital to the safety of the people who occupy any given building, for any premises other than domestic properties, they’re a legal requirement. There are many options of fire alarm systems as well as emergency lighting systems available to suit all different types of building and occupants, and every type of building comes with different regulations. Lektron have a wealth of experience in designing, installing, testing and maintaining fire alarm systems and emergency lighting systems, here we’ll look at what the requirements are to meet safe and what we can do to fulfil these requirements.

Legal Requirement

If you’re the owner of any premises that is not a domestic property, then you’re responsible for the fire safety of this building. The role of ensuring that specific standards are met can be delegated to another individual, but the ultimate responsibility is the owner of the building. As well as ensuring that a risk assessment is carried out, for many commercial premises you also need to ensure that there is a suitable fire detection and warning system, fire fighting equipment, and an emergency fire evacuation plan that can include emergency lighting, amongst other steps that may need to be taken.

According to guidelines produced by the British government, in England and Wales in 2004 fire and rescue services attended over 33,400 fires in non-domestic buildings. These fires killed 38 people and injured over 1,300, and whilst we are all fully aware of the dangers that fires can present to people, the financial cost to an organisation can be high too. The costs that resulted from these fires in 2004 were estimated to be £2.5 billion. Whilst having a well installed fire alarm system, along with an emergency lighting system won’t completely remove the risk of fire, following guidelines and having these systems can help to minimise the damage and subsequent cost.

The fire detection and warning equipment that you require to meet regulations will differ depending on the type of building that it is being installed in and the work that is carried out in that building. The guidelines are clear that you must have the relevant fire detection and warning system and this equipment needs to be well maintained and have regular testing carried out. Not adhering to the guidelines set out can result in penalties being issued, including fines and potentially a prison sentence. It is important to be aware that if you were issued any fire certificate under the Fire Precautions Act 1971, this is no longer valid and will cease to have any effect due to changes in regulations.

Types of Fire Alarm

There are a wide variety of fire alarm systems available, and every building will have different requirements depending on size, number of personnel and hours of operation. The fire alarm systems themselves can be ‘non addressable’ and provide suitable protection for businesses such as small offices, shops and restaurants, and will indicate the zone (location) of a fire. ‘Fully addressable’ systems are better suited to larger buildings such as those open to the public as well as offices, and these systems offer further control over calibration of the system, and can include a connection to the internet to allow for more versatile use. Whilst most fire alarm systems are installed using fire proofed cabling, there are options available for wireless fire alarm systems, which can allow buildings to maintain their visual aesthetics, and can be very beneficial as a temporary fire detection and warning measure in instances such as refurbishment work.

Fire Alarm Installation

Lektron can ensure that your building not only adheres to the regulations set out, but that your workplace and the people who work there are kept safe. Lektron offer a wide range of services, including design, installation, testing and maintenance of all grades of fire alarm systems, which are installed to BS 5839. These systems are designed to meet the needs of commercial and industrial premises of any size.

Our design service is available to consultants, architects, electrical contractors and more, and we supply fully detailed drawings, zone charts and manuals to ensure that you receive a comprehensive service for your fire detection and warning system installation. Fire alarm and emergency lighting commissions can be carried out on new installations, as well as alterations and modifications to existing buildings and systems.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

We offer a full maintenance service which can either be standard or bespoke, and this is carried out by our fully qualified fire alarm engineers and electricians in accordance with relevant British Standards, and upon completion includes the issuing of a British Standard certificate of testing.

Emergency Lighting

In addition to fire alarm installation, testing and maintenance, we offer a consultation service for the design and installation of emergency lighting systems. These are done to BS 5266, and after installation we can provide testing for your system and creating a schedule to carry out regular maintenance and testing, ensuring that your emergency lighting system complies with BS 5266-1 regulations.

If you would like to find out more about the fire alarm installation services, emergency lighting installation services or any of the other electrical contractor services that Lektron offer, please either complete an online enquiry form, visit us in Leatherhead or call us on 01372 824214.