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Benefits of Home Solar Panels

Benefits of Home Solar Panels

You will have seen them placed on top of roofs all across the land. Shiny black plates that appear to reflect the sun with high intensity. These are the solar panels that are sweeping the nation by storm. We look at what it is that is making them so popular for homes across the UK.

Save AND earn

By having solar panels installed onto your property, you can reduce your bills by providing some of your own electricity. But did you know, you can also sell energy you produce back to your supplier. It is known as a ‘feed in tariff’, and it is index linked for 25 years.

Increase the value of your property

Because of the first mentioned reason, buyers are attracted to properties that have solar panels. It shows a lot about the current owners, and their care towards their property, and having a property pre-installed with solar panels takes the stress out of having it done yourself. In fact, it’s so good that according to The Ideal Home Magazine, it can increase your property value by 6%.

Rising fuel costs? No problem.

Luckily for us the sun isn’t aware of something we call profit, and even better is that the sun’s energy is almost limitless. Unlike fossil fuels, the sun’s energy won’t run out in the foreseeable future which means you can continue to use its energy, whilst having no negative environmental impact. The solar panels themselves are also made from materials that are in ample supply, so the price of solar panels won’t rise exponentially either.

Going green

Going green is more than just implementing efficient technologies, it is also a great ‘feel good’ factor. There are no negative impacts to had from using solar energy; it comes directly from the sun and bypasses all forms of normal infrastructure, like power grids and management companies. It’ll last as long as the panels last, and cost next to nothing to maintain. Not only this, you’re another property that has reduced its carbon footprint.

As an investment?

It can certainly be used as an investment tool. If you sell enough energy back to your standard supplier over a 25 year period, you can expect to enjoy a return on investment of up to 11%